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Our fundamental belief is that the interests of the investor and the firm should be alike.

Since inception, we have adopted a novel client-aligned approach and have focused on creating differentiated investment products. We follow a data-driven process and combine systematic and fundamental decision making in our strategies. As custodians of client wealth, we are transparent about our capabilities and committed to preserving and growing investor capital over the long term.

Our Competitive

A True Beacon investment researcher working at the terminal

Performance Driven

Our organization is driven by the pursuit of superior investment outcomes which is reflected in all we do, including team composition, fee structure, and our own incentives. This commitment to performance shapes our firm's culture, where we welcome new ideas and consistently strive for excellence.

Technology Focused

We create novel in-house software to give us a distinctive edge in financial markets. Our emphasis on engineering ensures we are constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.

Exceptional People

We pride ourselves on the entrepreneurial spirit of our team members. Our firm is a place for extraordinary personal and professional growth, and we give our people the resources to grow to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Our Leadership

Richard Pattle LVO - Co-Founder and CEO, True Beacon

Richard Pattle LVO


Nikhil Kamath - Co-Founder, True Beacon

Nikhil Kamath


Abhijeet Pai - Co-Founder, True Beacon

Abhijeet Pai


Yash Bhate - COO, True Beacon

Yash Bhate


Prashant Bisht

Deputy CIO

Lisa Ross - AVP Business Development, True Beacon

Lisa Ross

AVP Client Relations

Mel George - Deputy CIO, True Beacon

Mel George

Head of Technology

Saransh Maheshwari - Head of Finance, True Beacon

Saransh Maheshwari

Head of Finance

Sneha Bhalla - AVP Business Development, True Beacon

Sneha Bhalla

AVP Business Development

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